Premium Lobster Products

World Famous PEI Hard-shelled North West Atlantic Lobster

Lobster is considered “KING” of the seafood industry in Prince Edward Island.

At North Lake Fisheries we pride ourselves at delivering an exceptional quality product to local and world markets!

Our hard-shelled North West Atlantic Lobster (Homarus americanus) is caught wild in the pristine clear cold waters of the North Atlantic. It is hand selected and packed, then quickly frozen to lock in freshness and flavour! Prince Edward Island Lobster are known for their premium quality meat. It is tender, juicy and distinctive while being revered in today’s market as a gourmet delicacy that is high in protein.

Our Lobster is 100 %
All Natural – No Additives -High in Protein

Our Premium Lobster Products include:     

Frozen – whole cooked lobster
Frozen – whole raw lobster
Frozen – cooked lobster in brine (individually bagged)
Frozen – raw lobster tails
Frozen – scored cooked lobster claws
Frozen – cooked claw & knuckle lobster meat (CK)
Frozen- cooked broken lobster meat (BROKEN)