Premium quality
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Our Mission

North Lake Fisheries has developed the resources to successfully manage the sourcing, harvesting and processing of raw material from Atlantic Canada. Our mission is to deliver premium quality, sustainable seafood to restaurants, retailers, distributors, hospitality and food service organizations globally.

Montague Cold Storage

Over 10 Million lbs. of temperature-controlled storage space.

 Brudenell, Prince Edward Island. Montague Cold Storage has Over 10 million lbs. of temperature-controlled storage space. We can fully Integrate frozen storage and quality control. Shipments of frozen seafood are coordinated by our team of logistics specialists. Trucks can be loaded daily at our freezer warehouses and delivered to customers around the globe.

Our Commitment 

North Lake Fisheries knows consistent, direct access to raw material is very important. To fulfill this need, North Lake Fisheries owns Atlantic Lobster in 6 harbors on PEI. Our facilities and processes are HACCP, MSC, and BRC certified. We are a federally registered processor with a strong focus on high quality, food safety and sustainability. North Lake Fisheries promotes responsible fishing practices and sound management initiatives to sustain our resources now and into the future.

Quality and consistency are key to customer satisfaction. To ensure these parameters, North Lake Fisheries hires and manages the staff at our corporate facilities and dictates strict specifications for all lobster packed.

069 (2)With a dedicated workforce, we are proud to maintain our reputation as an employer with faith in its people. Our culture is one of continuous improvement while adapting to growing changes in the industry. North Lake Fisheries provides seasonal and year round employment to many workers. During peak season, we provide employment to more than 200 workers within our processing plants, tank houses and local wharves.

North Lake Fisheries has long been a careful steward of our environment, employing industry best operating practices aimed at meeting the needs of today without compromising those of future generations. We are heavily involved with international fisheries policy, marine conservation, ecosystem management and industry standards/certifications.

North Lake
Prince Edward Island